The Premier Self Storage Market Intelligence Platform

Best in class data for over 56,000 facilities, unmatched by other providers

The Premier Self Storage Market Intelligence Platform

Best in class data for over 57,000 facilities, unmatched by other providers

Trusted by Companies with Multibillion Dollar Market Value

Complete Picture, All in One Place

Complete Picture,
All in One Place

56,890 Self Storage Facilities

Our platform gives your in-depth insights for 56,890 Self Storage facilities across the US. We offer:

  • Facility type and square footage information updated on a monthly basis
  • Pricing information for 33,716 facilities, including historical pricing and pricing in secondary/tertiary markets
  • Owner information and age of facility

4,055 Construction Sites

  • View demographic and economic variables for 4,055 new Self Storage construction sites
  • See where all new facilities are being constructed
  • Get a detailed description of each project, including square footage, type, stage, and value

Filter and Search​

  • Create desired profiles for areas you wish to invest in and quickly locate those areas on the map
  • Quickly choose from many different variables, including square foot per capita, population growth, median household income, etc.

Complete Demographic Analysis

  • Get the most up-to-date demographic data available including 5-year projections
  • Our analyses include key location drivers and compelling visualizations to showcase changes and trends

Where to Invest in Self Storage?

Get answers to key supply and demand questions.

Square Foot Per Capita

We analyze any radius, drive-time, or custom trade area to give you the net square foot per capita along with a corresponding grade for that area.

New Housing Developments

See where the next 61,000 unit housing developments are being constructed and look for facilities availability nearby.

Traffic Patterns

TractIQ collects traffic patterns data from each individual state and maps the traffic counts for the major streets where you are looking to invest. 

Don't Forget the Demographics

TractIQ always has the most up-to-date demographics available. 

We consistently update our platform and our up-to-date demographics allows you to combine important data variables so you can take a more in-depth focus on climate control demand.

Population Growth is Key

Is the past really a true indicator of the future?

We monitor all new multi-family facilities and single-family home developments across the US. Our unique calculations also give an alternative way to look at 5 year population growth.

Pricing Trends

TractIQ has pricing data for over 33,716 facilities and growing!

We use charts and graphs to showcase trends over time and compare trade areas with larger areas such as average state pricing and average national pricing. 

New Business Growth

See construction plans for new restaurants, hotels, retail spaces, offices, military facilities, and more. With 20% of occupancy typically coming from business use, find where new business opportunities will be.

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Unrivaled Market Intelligence for
the Self Storage Industry


Self storage facilities – a continuously updated national database.


New housing construction projects, including multi-family developments, single family home developments, and elder-care facilities.


New commercial construction projects, including retail, restaurants, offices, industrial, and more.


Additional self storage facilities that are currently in construction.


Pricing data for more than 33,716 self storage facilities, with a focus on secondary and tertiary markets.



The most up-to-date demographics available, including historical trends and 5 year projections.

5 year projections

The most up-to-date demographics available, including historical trends and 5 year projections.

Trusted Data Sources

TractIQ data come from trusted public and proprietary sources. With years of data research and handling experience, we curate and process every data point that goes into our system.

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