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TractIQ Self Storage combines a flexible mapping base with numerous data search options. With focus on key supply and demand metrics, and characteristics known to be related to self storage demand, TractIQ offers a platform that provides significant insight into the complexities of self storage development, acquisition, and investment.   

By combining important and numerous census characteristic data elements, housing / in-coming population data, and continually updated data on 50,000+ self storage facilities; TractIQ provides the user with many tools to understand key supply – demand issues.

Interested in how population density, number of multi vs. single family residences, number of persons per household are related to self storage supply? TractIQ provides the data and map base to determine for any radius area of interest, the past, current, and projected values. The user can export these and numerous other variable data for any trade, radius or drive time area. 

TractIQ Self Storage includes key features and capabilities that allow you to efficiently assess current supply, demand, and growth potential in self storage industry. Key features include opportunity grading, insights into housing construction, population growth and demographic demand, demography for self storage, self storage supply, and radius and travel time analysis. All capabilities are specifically designed to help the user achieve their desired goal or goals in self storage development, investments, or acquisitions.  

TractIQ Self Storage is a collaboration between TractIQ and SSDMS / PAC-COMM. SSDMS / PAC-COMM brings to the table key self storage supply data as well as housing construction/ In-coming population data and significant insight due to their own web based applications. Thomas Halatyn, President and Owner of SSDMS / PAC-COMM has over 25 years in database development, enhancement, augmentation, and most recently, design and development of web-based mapping and data applications for several industries, including housing construction industry, self-storage, and Canadian fast food development including data augmentation and analytics strategies for more than 35 businesses, non-profit groups and political organizations. 

TractIQ is a subsidiary of Social Explorer Inc., an award-winning data mapping and visualization software company that helps people understand the world through data-driven insights. Social Explorer has created innovative solutions for data visualization, mapping, and geospatial data through technological innovation and data expertise. Their products have been used by thousands of academic and business professionals globally and are currently used by hundreds of prestigious academic institutions across the United States. 

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