Mapping America’s Love Affair with Cars: Projections for Car Ownership in U.S. Census Tracts by 2026

SUNDAY, APR 30, 2023

America’s love affair with cars will continue to be all over the map, according to a TractIQ analysis of projections by Easy Analytics Software Inc. The typical household in roughly 3 percent of U.S. Census tracts is expected to have three or more vehicles in their driveway by 2026.

The most car-intensive neighborhoods are expected to be in Lee County, Ala. (4.2 vehicles per household); Northampton County, Penn. (4.2); Sweetwater, Wyo. (4.1); Lassen, Calif. (4.1); and Santa Clara, Calif. (4). The typical household is expected to not have a car in 21 neighborhoods by 2026, primarily in large urban areas.

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Author: Frank Bass