TractIQ Analysis Predicts Fremont County, Idaho to Have Highest Concentration of Vacation Homes in 2026


When it comes to vacation homes, Americans are expected to continue recreating in diverse parts of the country, ranging from the Jersey Shore to the Rocky Mountains. The heaviest concentration of vacation homes in 2026 will be found in Fremont County, Idaho, according to a TractIQ analysis of Census tract projections compiled by Easy Analytics Software Inc.

A Census tract often approximates neighborhood boundaries and typically contains between 1,200 and 8,000 people. The percentage of vacation homes in the Fremont Census tract, which includes a small part of Yellowstone National Park, is expected to climb to 85.3 percent of its total 5,542 housing units. It’s followed by Cape May County, N.J. (85 percent); Herkimer County, N.Y. (82.7 percent); Nantucket County, Mass. (82.4 percent); and Bennington County, Vermont (81.5 percent). 

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Author: Frank Bass