TractIQ Analysis Reveals Future Concentration of Poverty in Mid- to Large-Sized US Cities

SUNDAY, APR 23, 2023

The poorest areas in the U.S. typically have been considered to be in places like the Rio Grande Valley, Native American reservations on the Great Plains, and inner-city metropolises like New York and Boston. A TractIQ analysis of projections by Easy Analytics Software Inc. finds that the poorest neighborhoods in 2026 are likely to be concentrated in mid- to large-sized cities.

Almost 88 percent of people in a Lubbock Census tract are expected to fall below the poverty line by 2026, the greatest percentage in the nation. The Lubbock tract is followed by neighborhoods in Boston (84.2 percent), Cleveland (82.3 percent); another Lubbock neighborhood (81.2 percent); and Madison, Wis. (80.9 percent).

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Author: Frank Bass