Analysis Reveals Census Tracts with Highest Homeownership Rates to Have Substantially Higher Median Incomes

TUESDAY, MAR 14, 2023

This shouldn’t be any great surprise: Among Census tracts with more than 100 occupied housing units, the 10 with the greatest percentage of homeowners will report 2026 median household incomes that are substantially more than the national median, according to a TractIQ analysis of data compiled by Easy Analytics Software Inc. A Census tract often approximates neighborhood boundaries and typically contains between 1,200 and 8,000 people.

A Hartford County, Conn., Census tract is projected to have the largest percentage of homeowners in the nation, with 99.5 percent of its 1,152 housing units occupied by owners. The tract, located in Vernon, is expected to have a median household income of $187,143. It’s trailed by tracts in Nassau County, N.Y. (99.2 percent, $234,546); Pinal, Ariz. (98.9 percent, $87,026); Bucks County, Penn. (98.9 percent, $222,146); and Ottawa County, Mich. (98.8 percent, $132,213).

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Author: Frank Bass