Projected Majority of Graduate Degree Holders in 500+ U.S. Neighborhoods by 2026 Despite Soaring College Costs

TUESDAY, APR 11, 2023

Soaring college costs aren’t likely to make everyone give up on advanced degrees. A TractIQ analysis of projections by Easy Analytics Software Inc. finds adults with a graduate or professional degree will make up a majority of the population in more than 500 U.S. neighborhoods by 2026. The most educated neighborhood is expected to be a Census tract in midtown Manhattan, just north of Madison Square Garden, where 75.9 percent of adults hold at least a master’s degree.

Census tracts on the coasts are likely to account for six of the 10 most well-educated neighborhoods in the U.S. by 2026. Two neighborhoods in Champaign, Ill., home of the University of Illinois, are among the highest-educated tracts; the other two non-coastal neighborhoods are located in Boulder, Colo., and Houston.

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Author: Frank Bass