Rockland County, NY Dominates Top 10 Neighborhoods with Largest Median Household Sizes in 2026

MONDAY, APR 10, 2023

Four of the 10 U.S. neighborhoods expected to have the largest median household sizes by 2026 are in Rockland County, N.Y., according to a TractIQ analysis of projections by Easy Analytics Software Inc. The Census tracts are home to one of the nation’s largest Orthodox Jewish communities in the United States.

The U.S. neighborhood with the biggest median household sizes in 2026, however, is a Washington, D.C., Census tract that includes Georgetown University. The area around the school, which has roughly 20,000 students, is expected to have 7.3 people for every household. The large size is primarily due to the extremely high cost of housing in the nation’s capital, which forces younger, less-wealthy residents (and students) to share housing.

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Author: Frank Bass